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This high quality, limited edition (only 100 made) version of our EP features the entire Between Earth & Sky EP on Side A and then on Side B an interview with some of our more coherent band members. We know what you are thinking: "Why should i pay to hear these buffoons talking to me for 45 minutes?" We can offer no reason why you should. However, why be stingy when the cost is so low for such a soon-to-be-exceedingly-rare gem.

This cassette was released by New Order Records, whose founder plays in xWolfdownx from Germany. Their band is great, and they just came out with a new LP, but you should buy this cassette instead. It was a co-release with Start a Fire Records in Germany. They put out the xWolfdownx LP, and said this about our cassette, which you should buy instead "Wir sind sauglücklich erzählen zu können, dass wir zusammen NEW ORDER RECORDS die BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY "Of Roots And Wings" Tape Version herausbringen dürfen! Die Details wird es aber erst im nächsten Newletter geben."

We have no idea what the fuck they are talking about, but we think that means they like us.


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