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Let the cavalcade of outdated formats continue. This circular piece of plastic, playable in CD Walkmans and in CD-ROM computer drives, features six of our songs plus a bonus track: the one minute long opus entitled "Between Earth & Sky". This song, conveniently named after our band, originally appeared on the long-out-of-print "Power of Ten II compilation" on Excursion Records from Seattle WA, home of our singer Greg, as if you cared.

Songs include:
1. Of Roots and Wings 4:18
2. Damnatio Memoraie 3:27
3. The Spirit Burial Ground 3:50
4.The Birth and Death of Meaning (instrumental / spoken word) 2:38
5. Praying for Kisses from Poisoned Lips 3:33
6.The Wounds Never Have to Win 4:23
EXTRA: Between Earth & Sky 1:00


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