• Image of Vinyl 12" 1st pressing

Its wider, thinner, and more colorful than other formats...its the vinyl version of our EP! We found a box of first pressing copies. Some of that first pressing were on blue vinyl (217 copies) and some were on clear vinyl (335 copies). These are the clear ones.

Released on Refuse Records by Robert Matusiak who knows more about hardcore than you and all your friends combined, this record features the EP in its entirety. This record is really groovy. Get it? Groovy? (vinyl has grooves in it?) Come on people, work with us here. Tough crowd, tough crowd.

PS - shipping rates for LP are crazier than a shithouse rat. That's an expression which means that we don't know what to charge you. If you live in Nepal, let us know before you order so we can find out what it costs to ship to Mount Everest. And if you live in Germany, we hope the shipping price we quoted is accurate. If it isn't please let us know before posting that we are thieves on www.hardcorebackstabbing.com

NOTE: we will ship anywhere on the earth. Big Cartel makes it tricky to list every country with shipping rates, but if you live outside the USA or its far superior neighbor to the north (yes we are talking about Greenland) then write us and tell us what you would like so that we can package it and take it to the post office and get you a quote. Then you can send us ALL of your money and, yeah sure I guess then we can send you what you ordered.

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