• Image of Power of Ten 7" compilation
  • Image of Power of Ten 7" compilation
  • Image of Power of Ten 7" compilation

This is where it all started. The first song. The band before the ampersand. The first appearance. Owning a copy of this record is like meeting a longtime friend back when they were just a baby. Actually, its not anything like that. That doesn't even make sense. You're weird.

This is the "Power of Ten Volume 2" compilation which came out in about 1963 or so on Excursion Records from Seattle. We just met up with Dave, owner/CEO of Excursion and bought ten of these from his dwindling supply. They can be yours for the low low low price of $5 each plus shipping. Excursion itself charges more than that. That's right Dave, we undercut you on your own record, you capitalist swine.

"But wait," you might ask, assuming that we would have the answer to anything that happens to pop into your brilliant mind, "What other bands appear on this compilation?"

Lucky you. We know that one. Other bands include The Answer, Blue Monday, Hardesty, and many others.

Our song on this vinyl slab of goodness is the "Between Earth & Sky" one minute song that appears as an extra track on our CD.


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